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Campbell Forsyth

Campbell is a professional coach, facilitator and adult educator with expertise in identifying and developing the underlying values and beliefs that stand in the way of the achievement of personal, team and organisational success.

He has a business background in sales, marketing and management and has held strategic and operational roles in training and adult education, management consultancy, the insurance and retail sectors and the entertainment industry. Specifically, he has managed three marketing start-up operations where, under his supervision, traditionally sales focused organisations successfully integrated marketing functions. In each case overall sales rose between 11% and 22% in the financial year of implementation and beyond.

Campbell has a Masters Degree in Applied Science (majoring in Social Ecology) from the University of Western Sydney, a Graduate Certificate in Counselling and has completed psychology subjects with Charles Sturt University. On top of his academic training he has 12 years and over 10,000 hours in training and supervised practice in Facilitation, coaching and counselling and is an accredited Life Style Inventory (LSI) and DISC facilitator..


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