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Gai Stephanie Roper

The first phase of Gai’s working life included technical roles in television (TCN & TEN), production and management in publishing (Paul Hamlyn Books, Simply Living magazine, ACP) and advertising (Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam) and extensive periods of travelling and working overseas.

For 12 years as the Managing Director of an SME (People Knowhow P/L) she was responsible for the viability of a leading edge personal development organisation, training teachers, service teams and participants in Australia and the US. In that capacity she was responsible for maintaining a sustainable values-based culture, marketing knowledge capital and thought leadership with values of integrity, authenticity, self responsibility, personal transformation and development of potential.

Gai’s knowledge is based in human potential, personal and spiritual development, including a range of therapeutic disciplines and specialising in Developmental & Integral Psychology. She has an whole systems perspective which enables her to assess the ‘big picture’ quickly and accurately, a skill she uses in consultation to individuals and executive teams working with organisational vision, leadership development, EQ and group dynamics..

MAppSci (Social Ecology), GradCert Adult Ed (Training)
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