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The Corporate Spirit Team

The management team that directs the activities of Corporate Spirit draws on a collective background of tried and tested experience in leadership, business management and consultancy practice; successful careers in large and small organisations; and comprehensive academic and experiential training in the human behaviour.

The specialised knowledge they draw on included large scale, global project management, strategic planning, performance arts, martial arts, group and individual psychotherapy, meditation and physical wellbeing practices such as yoga and sports psychology and family and women’s studies.

A strong alliance of like-minded professionals (the Design & Delivery Network) is drawn together in project teams to provide specialised skills and knowledge according to the project need.

The Network includes Transformational Teachers who deliver high-level transformational workshops that fundamentally change the values, attitudes and behaviours of individuals and Change Facilitators who provide high quality facilitation of change projects to groups and teams utilising the principles of transformational learning.

All have extensive psychological knowledge and training and proven track records in the corporate education for powerful and effective change agency and support.


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