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Values Based Leadership

• A culture that encourages an attitude of personal achievement, support of learning and development and team spirit is one that will retain and keep self responsible and self-motivation individuals. This philosophy recognizes the innate capacity of each human being to change and learn in line with self-directed goals and objectives.

• Corporate Spirit Values Based Leadership works in identifying, drawing out and understanding personal values and how they contribute to, or detract from, effective leadership and action. Once the day to day consequences and reality of personal values in the work place is understood we work with leaders to harness current strengths and develop new thinking styles and behaviours that work towards constructive and wholistic leadership styles.

• Importantly we work with the fit between personal and organizational values ensuring that the alignment of the two become a powerful tool to workplace harmony and productivity. The understanding and alignment of these values and the thinking and behaviours they produce ensure that people work collaboratively and creatively with others, foster innovation throughout the organisation and ultimate are able to adapt to the demands of modern business with greater agility.

• Finally, Corporate Spirit address’s the requirements for leaders to embrace more complex thinking styles. Working to develop leadership styles that are both flexible and grounded in reality, free of habit patterns of thought and bale to be creative and dynamic whilst observing social and ethical responsibilities we prepare executives with the essential attributes to achieve success in a global marketplace.


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