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Canon Australia

Canon Australia are implementing a long-term culture change project to better prepare the company for the future founded on their key values - Simplicity, Passion, Creativity, Empowerment, Togetherness. Over a 5 month period, Corporate Spirit ran a series of workshops for 220 senior management, people who had been recognised as future leaders and targeted individuals whom Canon Senior Management felt would be influential in the changes that were occurring within the organisation.

The essential spirit of this model mirrored the core principles of Corporate Spirit’s personal development work: self-awareness, self-responsibility, self-regulation. Although expressed through a broad range of learning methods, these principles are implicit in everything we do. Our goal was to open people’s minds to the possibilities that arise from this way of living – personally and professionally.

Elements of the program were:

Leadership Development Program – a 5 month, 220-person leadership development programme covering personal, team and business development. Activities included the use of the Human Synergistics tool (the LSI), various frames of reference in humanistic psychology, theatre and martial arts based learning, values alignment and life purpose.

Coaching – 360 degree-based behavioural change and development for individuals.

Action Learning Groups – Facilitating the establishment of small groups for ongoing support and learning allowing the participants to embed and practice their acquired knowledge over a longer period.

Consultancy – Participating in discussions arising out of the culture change monitoring process and providing coaching, consultation and instruction on interventions and re-alignments.